Wellington International Pride Parade 2019

Orchestra Wellington are thrilled to announce our involvement in launching the Wellington International Pride Parade 2019, Saturday 16 March 2019, on Courtney Place with a unique colaboration with Gareth Farr.

Despite being utterly run off his feet, one of Aotearoa’s best-known
composers has a new project close to his heart.

Gareth Farr is writing a “rumbling cacophony of sound to show off a
bit” to launch the Wellington Pride Parade next weekend to be
performed by musicians from Orchestra Wellington.

He’s also working on Roar Of A Thousand Tigers, taking its name from
Sherpa Tenzing Norgay’s description to Sir Edmund Hillary of the
violent winds on Mt Everest.

Farr is the kind of prolific composer who can juggle multiple
projects. He felt compelled to write a Pride Fanfare because the
opening of the parade cries out for some kind of musical performance.

“This will be a noisy one,” Farr said.

“The piece has to compete with decibel levels on the street we don’t
usually associate with the concert hall.”

“With their training and professionalism, I’m sure the orchestra
players will cut through any of the street noise and get the parade
off on the right foot (or stiletto).”

The premiere of Farr’s Fanfare will be on Saturday 16 March at 6pm on
Tennyson Street near Courtenay Place. Spectators can line the streets
and join in the celebrations.

Farr expects the brass and percussion players will get in parade mode.

“They’ll take this on with energy and probably show off a bit!”

Funding from Rainbow NZ Charitable Trust and Rule Foundation is going
towards Orchestra Wellington’s performance and new commission.

The Wellington Pride Festival is organised by a group of elected
volunteers from our LGBTQIA+ community, Out Wellington Inc, who are
committed to creating an inclusive festival with and for our diverse
queer whanau.

The commission is the brainchild of Orchestra Wellington - another
unique project following the success of last year’s vinyl revival and
record launch.

Watch out for Wellington’s Pride Parade getting off to a brassy start
with Orchestra Wellington providing a big rainbow fanfare by local
genius Gareth Farr!


Orchestra Wellington