Your Orchestra Wellington presents concerts for all ages and fulfils a valuable role accompanying opera, choir, ballet and musical theatre in the region. We rely on Wellington’s generosity to do what we do.

Aside from the usual tangible benefits that the Orchestra can provide, nothing is more valuable than knowing that your contribution goes directly toward supporting the activity of a longstanding charitable organisation.

Sponsors, Partners and Donors

Collective Generosity

We are grateful for the on-going support of our Funders, Sponsors, Partners and Donors. Support from generous individuals is increasingly important for us so that we are able to provide high quality orchestral experiences across our region and we would love for you to join our community of Donors. For this purpose, we have redefined our fundraising programme to highlight the significance that each and every contribution makes to support our continued role in the cultural life of Wellington communities.

How you can help

Every gift makes a difference.

Join our community of Donors. In return, we promise to be prudent with the funds and ensure that they go to good use as we broaden our reach. Every Donor is acknowledged at every opportunity.

When you are subscribing to the Season, please consider adding a donation amount in the space provided.

Music Director’s Club

$2,500 individual per year
$3,500 couple per year

Join this select community that has the great opportunity to build a personal relationship with our highly acclaimed and inspiring Music Director, Marc Taddei, and get to know what animates and motivates such a creative force.

Chair Donor

$1,800 per year

Choose an instrument and become the private Donor of a position in a section (subject to availability).


You choose what you would like to contribute.

Leaving a legacy

If you wish to give a gift to Orchestra Wellington during your lifetime or as a bequest in your will, please contact Nikau Foundation. They are set up to manage endowment funds on behalf of Donors to Orchestra Wellington. An endowment fund is invested capital where only the income is distributed so funds can be given out every year, forever. If the income is designated for Orchestra Wellington, Donors will know that they are contributing to the Orchestra in perpetuity.

For information contact:
Adrienne Bushell, (04) 381 2224, [email protected]

Society membership

We are an incorporated society; our members are important to govern our organisation. For only $20 per year you become a member with voting rights at our AGM — a great way to get more deeply involved with our organisation

Did you know

Your contribution to us is tax deductible from your taxable income:

An annual donation of $500 will only cost you $6.45 per week after your tax refund, which is less than the amount for two coffees a week!

Corporate support

Are you interested in supporting us as corporate sponsor? We have a range of options that might be of benefit to you. Please contact Sponsorship Manager, Kerry-Anne Gilberd on (04) 801 7810.