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Anonymous, Francis CookeQC, Grant Corleison

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Julian Arnhold, Orchestra Wellington Board, Peter & Sheryl Boshier, Diana Duff-Staniland, Boyd H KlapCNZM QSO & Veronique Sauzeau, Sir Geoffrey and Margaret Palmer, Christine PearceMNZM & Dr. Jim Pearce, Glenda West


$2,500+ Jack Richards, Freya Wang & Jian, Diana Duff-Staniland

$1,000+ Bruce Scott, Paul & Sheryl Baines, Ngaire & Alison Mann, Kirsten Mason & Samuel Chuffart, Anonymous, Alfons & Susie Des Tombe, Peter & Carolyn Diessl, Margaret Lee

$500+ Anonymous, Virginia Breen, Michael & Marie Crooke, Gary & Isobel Evans, Richard Evans & Stephanie McLean, Laurie Greig, Gary & Helena Hawke, David Jenkinson, Bruce Scott, Jill Waddington

$250+ Anonymous, Graham Atkinson, Odette Alleyne & Alan Evans, Leslie Austin, Patricia Bollard, Colin & Judith Calcinai, Neil Dodgson & Catherine Gibbs, Michelle Groves, Ross Ireland, R & C Irving, Barbara Mabbett, Athol & Ngaire Mann, Michael & Christoph Martens, Ian & Jenny McKinnon, Douglas & Pam Robertson, Karen Roper, Paul Selwyn-Smith, Patrick Smyth, David Weatherburn & Maxine Dixon

$150+ Anonymous, Brian & Lynette Burrell, Bruce & Margaret Carson, Geo Eades & Marion Cowden, Shirley Day, Philip Eastwood, Trevor Gebbie, Carol & Russell Hurst, Richard & Christine Irving, Rosemary Jones & Nancy Fithian, Annette Lendrum, Malcolm & Claire MacDonald, Patrick Mahony, David Marrison, Ian Millard, Ian & Sue Pearson, Charlie & Desiree Purvis, Judy Salmond, A & R Solomons, James Young

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Brian Budd, Graham Hanify, Elsa Jenson, Roger Lloyd, Diana Marsh, Christine PearceMNZM, Adán Tijerina

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